• Mergers & Acquisitions

    Not only are we experts at mergers and acquisitions, we understand the nuances of the professional services sector from the value of intellectual property to the importance of client relationships. We also know getting the best for your people is just as important as getting the best price.  

    We can help you realise your business’s value while securing its futurethrough a sale or merger. This includes making sure you find the buyer or partner that meets your objectives and supporting you until the deal is signed and sealed. 

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    • Prepare your business

      We understand what will entice buyers and what might put them off. We will make sure your business is in the strongest possible position for a sale or merger by addressing weaknesses in your operating model and helping you gather information that shows it in the best light.

    • Engage the market

      We will research potential buyers and help you market your business to them in the most effective way. We’ll draw up long and short lists, ensure your data tells a compelling story and discuss the benefits of buying your business with interested parties, as well as what you want from the deal.

    • Execute the deal

      Once you have settled on a buyer, we will get the deal over the line. We will appoint tax and legal partners to keep everything in order and our experts will support you through negotiations so that you achieve the deal that is right for you and your shareholders.

  • A track record of success

    Our consultants hava wealth of experience acquiring businesses or leading businesses going through a sale or merger.  

    We understand the specific needs of the professional services industry, particularly those of small to medium sized enterprises. If you’ve built a business up from scratch, or are part of a small leadership team, an independent perspective is often crucial to pushing a sale through.   

    We also have a broad range of knowledge across the different sectors the industry serves. That means we know the concerns your customers might be feeling about a significant change to your operation     

    This gives us the skills to guide you to the right partner or buyer, and offer the clear insights that’ll help you make the best decisions. The number of successful deals we’ve navigated to completion demonstrates this 

    That’s not just down to our expertise, we truly have your interests at heart.   

  • Selling your business is a big step, we can help you take it with confidence you’ll get the best deal. Talk to us to start your journey.

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