• Performance Assessment & Improvement

    We can help you increase margins, boost productivity and forecast demand more accurately. Whether you are a growing consultancy or a professional services arm of a larger firm, we will identify practical and deliverable changes to improve operational efficiency and discipline and hence improve the bottom line performance of the business.

    Using tried and trusted tools and methods we will assess your business’s processes and capabilities. This will inform our recommendations and the ongoing support we provide, from designing a target operating model to developing and measuring new key performance indicators.

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  • Our services

    • Business Performance & Capability Assessment

      We use a number of proven methods to assess the performance of current processes, operating model, and capabilities against industry benchmarking data. We determine current and target maturity levels for prioritising improvement programmes.

    • Opportunity Identification & Improvement Plan

      Based on the assessment, we identify where improvements can be made. Where appropriate, we design revised operating models, recommend best practice processes or improved KPIs and performance measures. These changes are shaped into practical and deliverable plans.

    • Transition Support, Adoption and Value Realisation

      We will work with you to plan and implement our recommendations and encourage your colleagues to embrace them. We monitor the success of the changes and help drive continuous performance improvement and benefits realised through measurement of revised KPIs.

  • Driving performance improvement for a multi-national Professional Services operation

    Case study

    We significantly improved the business performance of a global technology firm’s European professional services arm. They came to us because of our experience driving change in multi-national consultancies.

    Based in 19 countries, they were being held back by inconsistent practices across locations and a lack of comparable performance data. In addition, having introduced Kimble’s professional services automation (PSA) two years previously they weren’t making the most of its capabilities.

    We addressed these challenges by assessing every aspect of the existing operating model and measuring it against best practice benchmarks. We identified opportunities, came up with a plan and implemented it successfully, including providing unique insight on how to use their PSA more effectively.

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