• Business Transformation & Change

    Every successful business understands the importance of change. It can come in many forms, from a shift in working practises to a complete refocussing of the service provided. But to make any change truly transformational it has to be implemented effectively.

    We’ve developed a framework and methodology that will help you drive change through your organisation, in a way that increases the potential of realising its benefits on time and on budget. Our consultants will support you at every stage with a strategy based on real world experience and practical insights.

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    • Building a business case

      Starting on the right foot is key. We’ll help you clearly define your goals, look ahead to spot challenges before they happen and assess what extra resources you may need. We’ll then support you to create a structured business case that shows the proposed change is worth investing in.

    • Implementing change

      Resistance to change is common. We’ll help you overcome it by recruiting champions across your business, communicating clearly with all those involved and helping integrate systems and processes smoothly.

    • Realising the benefits

      We will support you throughout the transformation process, identifying what the key performance measures are, as well as the data you need to collect and how you’ll collect it. And if circumstances change, we’ll change with them so you always have the most relevant information.

  • Return on investment for your business

    Our proven methodology and the practical experience we’ve had on your side of the desk, will help you achieve real-world gains in several key ways, including:

    • Clearly defined benefits for your business and, importantly, how they will be measured.
    • A realistic assessment of your business’s ability to deliver the change alongside business as usual.
    • Progress measured against the underlying business case not simply a timeline of deadlines.
    • Critical buy-in from people at all levels who will become advocates for change.
    • Creation of a change culture in which ideas are encouraged and rewarded and people aren’t constrained by fear of failure.

    Everything we do is geared towards supporting your successful transformation. That’s why our framework is agile, a structure that can be tailored to any professional services organisation working in any sector.

  • Your journey to successful change

    Every business is different. But our extensive experience in senior positions in the professional services sector has helped us identify eight actions that all organisations can take to get the most from change.

    These include conducting a pre-mortem to work out what might force your project off the tracks, building momentum in the organisation by appointing senior champions and keeping agile so you can respond to new challenges.

    They form part of our comprehensive roadmap, designed to guide your business’s transformation in a practical way. For more detail on how to implement each step and the scope of our roadmap click on the link below.

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  • We can help you keep up with the needs of your clients and stay ahead of your competition, through successful change. Get in touch for a chat about how.

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