• Board Effectiveness & Governance Reviews

    A good board will steer your organisation in the right direction. It will challenge and support the executive to avoid pitfalls and grasp opportunities. Building a board that fits with your business isn’t always straightforward, but it is always worth doing.  

    Our experts have many years of experience working with, and on, boards in both the public and private sectors, often in complex organisations. They understand how to shape a board so that it has a clear sight of its responsibilities and how to carry them out in a way that will bring the best out of your business.

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  • Our services

    • Review and observe

      We will assess all the documentation that plays a critical role in how your board operates from terms of reference and shareholder agreements to board papers and minutes. We will then observe at least one full board meeting and one of each sub-committee.

    • In-depth interviews

      Through structured interviews with all board members and attendees we’ll investigate its oversight of key areas such as strategy, performance measurement, relationships with key stakeholders, risk assessment, project management and audits.

    • Report and implement

      Our findings will inform our practical recommendations to improve the governance of your board. These focus on making sure it is structured in a way that meets the specific objectives of your business and has the right mixture of skills and experience to guide you wisely.

  • Reshaping a board to provide real business impact

    Case study

    We supported a large social enterprise to transform its board so that it could provide crucial oversight of the organisation 

    With a large service contract up for retendering and stakeholder dissatisfaction with governance arrangementsthe organisation realised it needed to change quickly. That’s why it called on us to review its board and form recommendations to make it an efficient and effective body 

    We used our board assessment framework to examine seven key areas including the internal dynamic of the board, its relationships with stakeholders and its accountability to the executive team 

    Our recommendations, from establishing strategic partnerships to appointing a senior independent director and rethinking the frequency and duration of board meetings, were swiftly adopted. 

    The board has dramatically improved how it works with stakeholders and the leadership teamThis has made the whole organisation function more smoothly and ensured large tenders get the scrutiny they need. 

  • An effective board is an independent voice you can rely on. If you’d like to boost the impact your board is having on your business, get in touch to discuss how we can transform it.

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